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What we do :: Stuart|Jackson solves current problems while helping to prevent future ones. With over 37 years of experience in the flooring industry, S|J is uniquely skilled to research, advise, specify, and source the most appropriate flooring surfaces for a particular project and end-use environment.

Flooring for the preservation of historic structures

S|J is a unique firm with a specialization in the restoration and re-creation of historic flooring materials.  Focusing on a single architectural surface, S|J can assist the preservation team to assure the most historically appropriate flooring materials are being specified, procured, installed and maintained throughout the project. 

Flooring for commercial interior spaces

S|J also has a wide-ranging background in the manufacturing, quality control, technical services, and performance attributes of flooring materials specified throughout the commercial business segment. 

With years of manufacturing experience within tufted broadloom and modular carpet manufacturing, S|J has as a exceptional understanding of the commercial flooring industry.  Using this experience, S|J can be a significant asset to the entire project team by identifying potential flooring issues that undetected, could have serious long-term consequences on the success of the project.

Specification services

S|J uniquely understands the complexity of the architectural and interior design process.  Those complexities are further compounded within the processes of the preservation of historic properties.  Floors are an important part of that process and S|J has the experience and knowledge to assist the design professional to ensure the most appropriate product specification and services become a meaningful part of the construction documents.

Writing the specification

Flooring products are a very small part of the overall cost of a project; however, flooring can become one of the more important aesthetic finishes.  All too often, flooring is one of those unique design elements that can define what a successful project looks like. 


PA Capital House Interior


"Protecting the investment of any flooring materials is determined by the quality of a professional installation as well as a meaningful maintenance program."


Writing, but more importantly, understanding a flooring specification, can be a perplexing process for any project team that does not understand the intricacy of the commercial flooring industry, as well as the complexity of the construction processes needed to manufacture a particular product.  S|J has the expertise to work through the maze of the flooring industry and provide the project team products and services that support the design and performance intent of the project, while providing the building owner a workable long-term solution.  Master Specification Example [54kb, PDF]

Follow-up Services

S|J has the experience to inspect and source independent testing for various flooring products.  This will ensure a particular specified product will perform to the expectations of the project team.  S|J can:

  • Facilitate the process of sending products to be tested at independent NVLAP (National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program laboratories that specialize in flooring product performance attributes. Sample Primary Carpet Tests and Brief Description [ 39kb, PDF]

  • Provide the necessary information for the project team so they can properly evaluate the results, and make a more informed decision that is in the best interests of the project.

Domestic Manufactured Products

It is the intent of S|J to assist in the procurement of American made flooring products.  However, there can be challenges with the concept of “or equal” and “value engineered” products.  With an extensive knowledge of all of the aspects and relationships throughout the commercial flooring industry, S|J will assist the design team in:

  • Determining that “equals” are in fact equal in performance and construction. 

  • Quantifying long-term performance issues so the project team can make a more informed decision.

Foreign Manufactured Products

With an influx of foreign made woven carpet products, the lure of a low price is often accompanied by poorly performing products.  Separated by thousands of miles, language barriers, and then further complicated by foreign governments and judicial procedures, it makes a lot of sense to protect the owner’s investment using the services of S|J to ensure the imported products are in compliance with the project’s specifications.
An extensive product review and testing, monitored by flooring industry experts and quantified by independent third party laboratories, will help to ensure that harmful chemicals, or the substitution of inferior components, are not what arrive in the container.  S|J will assist in:

  • Firmly establishing a transparent and defined chain of custody for all flooring samples to be tested.

  • Establishing a list of performance and component product testing that is meaningful for a particular end use project.

  • Meaningful inspections of the foreign manufacturing facilities while the product is being manufactured to ensure the construction of the products are in compliance with the product specifications, prior to shipment.

  • Reviewing project custom patterns and colors on the machinery as the product is being manufactured. 

  • Coordination of third party testing laboratories (NVLAP) used to independently test random samples once the finished product arrives in the United States. 

Protecting the Investment through the Installation

Protecting the investment in any flooring project begins with understanding how much product will be needed.  S|J has the resources to:

  • Understand the relationship to the specified flooring products to ensure the pattern repeats work within the space.

  • Understand the transition issues from one flooring product to another throughout the project.

  • Manage the take-off of materials to ensure the project team has a more informed understanding of the total cost of the flooring products within the scope of the project.

Once specified and purchased, protecting the investment in flooring materials is now determined by the quality of the installation.  Realizing the “low bid” is all too often the first day of the project nightmare.  S|J can provide assistance to the project team in the qualification of experienced and certified installation flooring contractors.  S|J can:

  • Create a flooring contractor specification that is fair, meaningful, and protects the investment being made by the project team.

  • Qualify flooring contractors prior to the bidding process.

  • Quantify references and industry certifications.

With the realization we live in a world of product specialists, S|J is qualified to act as the “owner’s representative” throughout the installation of the flooring product.  S|J can:

Master Flooring Specification

Primary Carpet Tests & Brief Description
  • Monitor the installation on site.

  • Qualify materials and project site to ensure the installation will have the desired conditions for a successful installation.

  • Identify and separate the attic stock prior to the beginning of the installation.

  • Verify that the proper adhesives and tools are being used throughout the installation.

  • Inspect seaming diagrams before, during, and after the installation of broadloom specifications. Sample Project Orchestra Color Seaming Diagram [226kb, PDF]

  • Inspect the quality of all seams throughout a broadloom specification.

  • Monitor the alignments of modular carpet  installations to ensure the modularity of the installation throughout the space is achieved.

  • Ensure that the proper transition strips and base have been installed per the specifications.

Color Seaming Chart

Post Sales Services

A quality product with an excellent installation will soon be challenged by the daily use of flooring materials and maintenance programs.  S|J has the experience to create, monitor and recommend cost effective flooring maintenance programs.  S|J can:

  • Create a meaningful and cost effective flooring maintenance program.

  • Review existing maintenance programs for their effectiveness.

  • Qualify flooring maintenance contractors.

  • Recommend the proper equipment needed to ensure the success of a maintenance program.

  • Set up an independent monitoring system to ensure that the methods and procedures are being followed per the original specification.

Orchestra Seating Chart