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Renovated Hall Historic Project

Renovated hallway at the Boston Opera House.


Floor Covering Restoration Resources


The carpet patterning process – design point sheets to CAD’s. Our Process.

Floor Covering Maintenance

Text to come.


What is Woven Carpet [90kb PDF]

Why Woven Carpet [90kb PDF]

Woven Carpet Constructions [373kb PDF]

Why Specify Wool Carpets and Fabrics in a Theatre [249kb PDF]

Why Wool Carpets in Corporate Interiors [249kb PDF]

The Acoustical Properties of Wool Carpet- Wools of New Zealand [61 PDF]

Environmental Attributes of Woven Carpet [43kb PDF]

Historic Preservation of Interiors - Defining Feature [121kb PDF]
One of the keystone arguments within the preservation community is what is a “defining feature?” 

Carpet Sample Patterning Process - What to Expect [132kb PDF]
Once a pattern and colors have been decided, the next challenge is making a carpet sample to begin to see if the pattern and colors, developed in the design process, actually work together.

Other Materials

Master Specification Example [54kb, PDF]

Sample Primary Carpet Tests and Brief Description [ 39kb, PDF]

Sample Project Orchestra Color Seaming Diagram [226kb, PDF]

Sample Orchestra Level Punch List [585kb, PDF]



Stuart|Jackson is uniquely skilled to research, advise, specify, and source the most appropriate flooring surfaces for the preservation of America’s historic structures.